How To Play Teamfight Tactics With An Xbox Controller

So League of Legends dropped a new game mode and I have to admit: I’m a big fan. I played LoL nightly for about a year and a half back in 2013-2014. However after my child was born I quit any game that I couldn’t just play casually, including League. With the release of TFT, League falls back into the casual category for me. Well how casual could a game be if I can’t kick it on the couch and play a few games? Which got me thinking… how can I kick it on the couch and play a few games…

Enter ControllerMate, a program that allows you to chain input values to produce customized outputs, including mouse movements, key presses, or any possible macro via easily composable building blocks.

Note: Older Xbox controllers connected via USB require MacOS drivers to be installed:

After installing and booting up ControllerMate, first thing you’ll want to do is left click on the sidebar and create a new Virtual Mouse:

Now create a new page

Here’s where the magic happens. First things first, copy and paste the kill switch that is provided under the “Getting Started > A Recommendation” page group:

Kill switch engage!

This will be very helpful because setting up your controller will take over your mouse and can be really annoying when dialing in the controls. Now you can begin building your Xbox controller mappings. I followed these instructions:

They teach you how to create your virtual device and then map the X/Y axes on the joystick to your mouse X/Y axes. A couple notes on where my setup differed or wasn’t clear:

  1. Axis Calibration. I had to dial my axis calibration way down or else the mouse moved too fast to control. I used values of -2/2. I also created a nice wide dead zone in the center.
  2. Virtual Axis. The example document linked above mentions Virtual Axis several times but it took me a minute to find out where the heck that is. You need to select your virtual mouse from the Palette, scroll down, select the desired building block, then drag it into the grid:
Get the Virtual Axis from the Palette
My mappings for X/Y axes

After that, you just need to map your left and mouse button clicks to your controller. If you made it this far you should have no problem doing that:

Left click is A, right click is B. Ez pz.

Then you’re done!

Extra credit

There’s plenty of other opportunities for conveniently mapping your controller. TFT has hotkeys for refreshing the champion list, buying XP, and cycling between players. Make sure to map those up for an optimal experience. Also what good is playing competitive games if you can’t talk trash. I wired up my D pad for 4 different sayings that I can spam newbs with, for now mostly lamenting how broken Aatrox is:

Here’s my personal ControllerMate page. Feel free to use it as a reference or jumping off point

Oh yeah… add me on TFT! My player name is Augnar.