How To Play Teamfight Tactics With An Xbox Controller

So League of Legends dropped a new game mode and I have to admit: I’m a big fan. I played LoL nightly for about a year and a half back in 2013-2014. However after my child was born I quit any game that I couldn’t just play casually, including League. With the release of TFT, League falls back into the casual category for me. Well how casual could a game be if I can’t kick it on the couch and play a few games? Which got me thinking… how can I kick it on the couch and play a few games…


Don’t Tell Me A Story

This song was written by Todd Donald. I met Todd online via the website PureVolume back in ’04-’05 (?). We were mutual admirers of each others songs. We even recorded a version of the Beatles’ classic I’m Looking Through You.